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Canon Epson

Here at Chau Digital, we offer our customers a range of photography and printing services. We are pleased to offer a range of different genuine pigment inkjet cartridges from brands including Epson, HP and Canon suitable for large format photographic printing. Whether you need ink for a new inkjet printer, or you are looking for replacement inkjet cartridges, we cater to the whole of the UK with our online inkjet cartridge sales.

Inkjet printing works by recreating the digital image you see on the screen by propelling ink droplets onto the inkjet paper. Inkjet printing is the most popular kind of printing, used by the average everyday model of printers, as well as those designed for professional use. So whether for the home, office or studio, you are sure to find the right inkjet ink to meet your requirements.

When selecting your inkjet printing ink, you simply need to match it up with your printer code. From here, you can select from a range of options, with inkjet cartridges available in individual colours (typically these will be cyan, magenta, yellow and blue), as well as red, matte black, and photo black. We also stock a gloss optimizer, which can add an extra shine to prints, increases the resistance to scuff, and increases the dMax (maximum density of an image) and overall colour saturation.

For more information about our company and our range of inkjet inks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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Epson R1800 Ink 13ml Epson R1900 Ink 12ml Epson R2880 Ink 12ml Epson R3000 Ink 25.9ml
Epson 3800 Ink Cartridges Epson SP 3880 Ink 80ml Epson7900/9900 Ink Cartridges Epson SP 7900/9900 Ink 700ml
Epson SP 4000 Ink 220ml Epson 4800 Ink Cartridges 110ml Epson 4800 Ink Cartridges 220m; Epson SP 4880 Ink 110ml
Epson 4880 Ink Cartridges 220ml Epson SP 4900 200ml Epson SP 7600 / 9600 220ml Epson SP 7800 / 9800 Ink 220ml