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Colour Management

Here at Chau Digital, we offer colour management services, which involves the linearising and profiling of a digital imaging system and its associated components for throughput and output. When it comes to digital photography colour management, these services make it much easier for those who work within photography on an everyday basis.

Once an image is digitised, the workflow is influenced by various factors, including the computer operating system, any image manipulation applied, software-build versions, monitor type and calibration settings, and finally, the printer and paper used. Colour management comprises of solutions for both the hardware and software for your existing computer system. Once complete, it will enable you to continually produce accurate prints and output files working within the standard industry expectations.

It is possible to remotely profile a paper, which involves you printing a colour chart and following our instructions before sending the print to us. We take over to read your printed chart, create a profile and provide you with placement instructions in order for you to transfer to your system. This remote custom colour profiling package costs £100 plus VAT. Throughout this process, we are on hand via telephone and can also access your screen ourselves through remote screen sharing.

Alternatively, we can carry out on-site installations, so you can completely leave the technical side to us and focus on the creativity. You may also benefit from joining our members’ club, which entitles you to unlimited profiles for one printer for a whole year, with a subscription costing just £200 plus VAT, making it worth your while when compared to the cost of a single remote profile.

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