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Wacom Cintiq 22HD

Wacom Cintiq 22HD

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Work Directly On Screen

The Cintiq family of interactive pen displays combines the advantages of an LCD monitor with the natural feel and superior performance of Wacom′s patented, professional pen technology. When working on a Cintiq, you′ll gain all the benefits of working digitally in a creative experience that replicates traditional media.

Cintiq Interactive Pen Displays

Cintiq interactive pen displays enable creative professionals to work naturally and intuitively using Wacom′s pressure- and tilt-sensitive, professional pen technology directly on the surface of a high-performance LCD display.

Cintiqs are designed to replicate the traditional experience of working with conventional tools such as pens, markers, brushes, canvas and paper, photographic exposure retouching tools, or sculpting tools and clay, while at the same time allowing users to work with all of the power and flexibility of advanced creative software applications.

  • Work directly on screen - The Cintiq 22HD provides a natural creative experience in a standard sized 21.5” display.
  • The additional productivity features such as ExpressKeys and Touch Strips help to speed up any creative workflow and allow you to stay focused on your work.
  • The combination of a 21.5" HD, wide format LCD and industry-leading pen input capabilities allows photographers, designers, and other creative professionals to work naturally and intuitively directly on the surface of the display with Wacom's most advanced pressure-sensitive pen technology.
  • Professional Pen Performance - The Cintiq 22HD pressure- and tilt-sensitive pen gives you control over pressure-sensitive brush effects, such as line weight, opacity, and exposure. With Wacom's advanced tip sensor, the pen features a low activation force that captures even the most subtle nuances of pressure. In addition, the pen side-switch can be set for application specific shortcuts and functions.
  • Time Is Money - Cintiq users often report major productivity gains that come from working directly on screen.
  • The ambidextrous design of the Cintiq 22HD also features a pair of rear-mounted Touch Strips, along with accompanying Touch Strip Toggle Buttons which control up to four application specific functions on each Touch Strip, such as brush size, zooming, scrolling and on screen canvas rotation. Sixteen ExpressKeys™ (eight on either side of the display) boost productivity by providing quick access to user defined keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys.

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