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BounceLite Hahnemuhle Accessories

A high quality camera and full colour printer are essentials when it comes to producing professional quality prints, be they for commercial or personal purposes.  But depending on what type of photography or printing you practice, and the demands of your business, there are a bewildering array of printing machine accessories and photography accessories for sale which are designed to open up new possibilities for photographers, printers, and anyone else who needs to create bright and attractive visual media.

At Chau Digital it is our goal to supply useful and reliable products which will allow photographers from a range of industries to realise their own potential and the potential of the digital imaging technology available which has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years.  We endeavour to test as many of these products as possible in our own work, so as to be in a position to reliably recommend them to our customers.

Photo Accessories

From lenses to flash diffusers, professional photographers rely on many accessories depending on what type of image they are trying to capture.  Portraits, commercial products, landscapes, aerial photographs, image reproductions – all require a different approach, and there are a range of products which can help out in any situation.  Of course, having the right accessories is only half the battle – the other important skill is knowing how to use them.  At Chau Digital, we are photographers and artists as well as equipment suppliers, and we care about helping you to find the right gear and get the best results from it rather than just making a sale.  For the best photo accessories Uk photographers can access, contact Chau Digital.

Printing Accessories

Once you have captured the prefect image, you then need the equipment to present it.  See our range of digital accessories for sale.

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Hahnemuhle FineArt Inkjet Photocards
Hahnemuhle FineArt Inkjet Photocards

30 sheets of high quality Hahnemühle FineArt inkjet paper in standard postcard size more info

The Bouncelite™ flash diffuser is a new generation of flash modifier designed to unlock the creative genius of all photographers. The Bouncelite™ is a flash control system and will revolutionise the way you use your flash. What makes the Bouncelite™ flash diffuser different is the bounce door which funnels and controls light spillage. When the bounce door is closed the only light exit is through the diffuser for softer quality light output. With the bounce door open, full control of the light spill is achieved by the range of different angles, also acting as a white card to divert the light onto the subject. When the bounce door is fully open, the flash can be used directly, so no need to remove the Bounclite™ from the flash head.
The in-built filter system makes for a quick and easy colour correction of lighting balance - the Venue Set or to play with light creatively - the Adventure set. The filter cassette can be removed to allow for normal flash again with no need to remove the Bouncelite™
more info
Hahnemuhle Certificate of Authenticity
Hahnemuhle Certificate of Authenticity
Our Price: £61.00 (73.20 inc VAT)

The Hahenmühle Certificate of Authenticity was designed to protect the security and genuineness of your limited edition printed artworks and reproductions on Hahnemühle paper and to reduce the risk of forgery. more info