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The full range of Bouncelite flash diffusers and accessories
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The Bouncelite™ flash diffuser is a new generation of flash modifier designed to unlock the creative genius of all photographers. The Bouncelite™ is a flash control system and will revolutionise the way you use your flash. What makes the Bouncelite™ flash diffuser different is the bounce door which funnels and controls light spillage. When the bounce door is closed the only light exit is through the diffuser for softer quality light output. With the bounce door open, full control of the light spill is achieved by the range of different angles, also acting as a white card to divert the light onto the subject. When the bounce door is fully open, the flash can be used directly, so no need to remove the Bounclite™ from the flash head.
The in-built filter system makes for a quick and easy colour correction of lighting balance - the Venue Set or to play with light creatively - the Adventure set. The filter cassette can be removed to allow for normal flash again with no need to remove the Bouncelite™
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